Some Links…

This is quite beautiful to watch in high-def, full screen for a few minutes.

This congregational (i.e. not choir) singing is quite beautiful to listen to – crank the sound up!

A couple of articles by our own (though not for much longer!) Matt Holst on Gerhardus Vos and the Law, here and here.

David Anderson reflects on two years as a missionary in Eldoret in Kenya, here and here. Some fascinating thoughts, especially relevant to those of us who think we are supportive of our missionaries!

Finally, the Rev. Ian Hamilton speaking on the dangers that face Christian ministry. This is one not to be missed. Get it from this page, under “Officers’ Training”. (I found there is something strange about the link to the mp3. The file seems to be called “The” only! However, press on and download it, then add a “.mp3” to the file name and it will then be fine to play.)

Some Links…