I could just tweet this link, but I think slightly more than 140 characters is needed to comment on William Vandoodewaard’s article, Gratitude for Grace in Ministry. Vandoodewaard concludes:

Pursuing a life marked by the biblical paradigm of gratitude for marks of grace is crucial for ministry.  Our souls have to overflow spiritual gratitude for the grace of God to us and others if we are going to reach people.  Only an overflowing heart can make our life communication passionate and alive to others.  A church that overflows with spiritual gratitude will shine.  There will be an evident, tangible, distinct sweetness.

Earlier in the article he notes (with the help of Al Mohler’s comments) how many ministers in the US give up on a congregation after three years. The reason is simply that sin in the congregation becomes more evident and the man realises that he is powerless to do anything about it. One becomes spiritually jaded. I guess the grass begins to look greener in other pastures.

I am in my fourth year at Solihull. Now, I am not looking to go anywhere – no way! But I recognise the problem of how a jaded, critical spirit can set in. Vandoodewaard’s exhortation is timely: to look for signs of grace, to be thankful for them and grow in sweet communion with the Lord.


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