According to Truth

I was preaching on Romans 2:1-5 yesterday, where Paul speaks of the judgement of God “according to truth” (v2 – but the ESV has a poor translation!). Thought-provoking words.

Today I came across a section of Jonathan Edwards’ farewell sermon to his Northampton congregation in Massachusetts in 1750 (I wish I had found it last week). It was a sermon delivered with great tenderness, where he closed with these words:

And let us remember, and never forget our future solemn meeting on that great day of the Lord; the day of infallible decision and of the everlasting and unalterable sentence. Amen.

It will be infallible because the truth shall be fully known. It will be a single decision, without appeal, because there will be not more evidence to find or a bad decision to be overturned later. As a result the decision on the day of the Lord cannot be changed and will last for eternity.

What a blessing it will be, therefore, to have Christ Jesus by one’s side on that day.

According to Truth