A Faithful Witness

If the following statement were used in our context in the UK, it might seem ordinary.

They object to my evangelizing. But if one finds a blind person who is about to fall in a well and keeps silent then one has sinned. It is our religious duty, as long as the door of God’s mercy is open, to convince evil doers to turn from their sinful ways and find refuge in Him in order to be saved from the wrath of the Righteous God and from the coming dreadful punishment.

We have those who object to evangelism, but only because it presses inconvenient thoughts into people’s minds. We take our freedoms for granted.

However, those words were quoted by a man who was facing the death penalty in Iran for “apostasy”, that is, converting from nominal Islam to Jesus Christ.

The words were part of an address to the court. In the face of death such bravery is astounding. Read it here: A Faithful Witness Whose Testimony Challenges Muslim Insider Movements | 9Marks.

A Faithful Witness