The Enemy of Faith

A quote from “Reformed Worship” by Terry Johnson (P&R, 2010), p.16.

Not only does the Bible emphasize the importance of worship, but the Reformed and Presbyterian heritage does as well. Many modern historians of the Reformation period have allowed the dominant personality of Luther and his struggle to faith to overshadow the heart of he Swiss and Calvinistic Reformation. For Luther and the Lutherans the focus was justification. “How may a man be just before God?” was their primary question. But for Zwingli, Calvin and the “Reformed” stream, the focus was not justification, as important as they agreed it was. Their focus was worship. “How is God to be worshipped?” they asked. For Lutherans the enemy of faith was works. For the Reformed, the enemy of faith was idolatry.

The Enemy of Faith

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  1. David Morgan says:

    I’ve also been reading that book recently, and the passage in your quotation struck me/stuck in my mind too. “Only Presbyterian buckets can carry Presbyterian water” was another (although it was hard not to read it in Darryl Hart’s voice!)

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