Moving (blog) house

As happens every so often, I have decided to move this blog to a new home. Where? … to Substack. Why? Well, for one thing everyone seems to be doing it. For another, it’s cheaper! That is, it is free for me.

And it’ll be free for you too if you want to continue to follow me.

Where is it? The web address is

If you have been following this blog for the last few years, you will have realised that I post very infrequently. My recent rate has been about once a year. So if that is too much for you, don’t sign up! 🙂 I’d like to think that my rate of writing on the substack will improve – rather like one’s enthusiasm for decorating a new house occupies the owner for a time. Maybe the same will happen here with my DIY – eventually the zeal dies away. Maybe not. It depends…

What will I write about? Mostly this and that about things that occur to me in the life of a minister of the gospel. Some Bible thoughts, ministry thoughts, news updates. A lot of it will be for a my own sanity and to organise some thoughts. If you are interested in that, then do sign up.

Moving (blog) house